vestel venus v5

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  1. windowzytch

    Source Vestel Venus V5 TWRP Tree

    Hey forum members! Here I introduce you all the TWRP tree for Vestel Venus V5 (Codename: teos) that was done by @Tenshi2112 from ground up! We have only one source and that's enough to build TWRP; / Device tree / Kernel tree (Shout-out to Vestel) There are 2 branches; / Omni 7.1 by...
  2. windowzytch

    Recovery [TEOS] OrangeFox Recovery Project for Vestel Venüs V5/Türk Telekom V5

    Hello DevOtag users! Here I introduce you all a recovery port that I've done with the help of @Tenshi2112! Description So, in my words, OrangeFox Recovery Project (OFRP) is basically MD2-skinned and feature-rich version of TWRP (Please warn me if I'm wrong). You can do plenty of stuff with it...
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