Mod [4.9.225] LolZ Kernel for Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)

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jprimero15 tarafından Redmi 8 için derlenmiş custom kerneldir.

* Compiled With AOSP CLANG 10.0.3
* Always Upstreamed to 4.9 Linux Stable
* Always Upstreamed To Latest CAF Tag
* Merged Google Common Android-4.9-p
* Enabled WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT by default
* Some Cleanups on cpufreq_schedutil
* Added Dynamic SchedTune Boost
* Added CPU Input Boost
* Added Devfreqboost
* Added Blu_schedutil and Pixutil
* Set Westwood TCP as default
* WireGuard Support Added
* CLANG Warning fixes
* Drivedroid CDROM Support
* Compiled vdso32
* TTL fixation Support
* Alot of Optimizations and fixes..

- Rebased on TOP of linux stable 4.9.207
- Added and fixed lot of things (Check Current feature list)
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.208 and Latest CAF Tag
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.209
- Merged Latest CAF Tag: LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-10500-89xx.0
- Merge Latest Google common android-4.9-p
- Removed Simple lmk (coz we have 3GB RAM variants.. This will not play good on those)
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.210
- 19MHz idle GPU freq Added
- AdrenoBoost Added (Disabled by default)
- Disabled SCHED_DEBUG
- Disabled IO Stats
- Disabled userspace CPU Powerhal/boosting entirely (Only the cpu boost from kernel, can Modify the CPU min freq now)
- Some Fixes and Optimizations etc.
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.211
- Camera/GCAM Fixed !!
- Focaltech Touchscreen driver added
- Built wlan module based on latest CAF tag
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.212
- Added Schedtune/CPUSet Assist
- Added Dynamic SchedTune Boost
- Added CPU Input Boost
- Added Devfreq Boost by sultanxda
- gpu and devfreq improvements
- lpm levels and CPUidle Improvements
- kernel/sched Patches and Improvements
- Disabled Sched Autogroup and core_ctl
- More Patches and Improvements etc.
- Compiled with LOLZ Clang 11
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.215
- Merged Latest Google common 4.9-p
- Merged LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-10600-89xx.0 CAF Tag
- Added Simple LMK back
- Ported Binder from Google Common 4.19 Linux
- GPU Patches and Optimizations
- kernel/sched Improvements and switched to PELT
- Added and Built exFAT-linux inline on kernel(this replaced the slow exfat)
- Added and Built Techpack(audio modules) inline on kernel
- Disable Lots of Tracing and Debugs
- Smoother and Great Battery Life
- Lot Patches and Improvements etc.
- Compiled with LOLZ Clang 11
- Rebased and Merged Latest CAF tag
- Merged Linux Stable 4.9.218
- Some Sched Patches
- Removed Simple LMK

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