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Hi dear forum members. I'm going to introduce you in this post that Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 ( codename = kenzo ) device sources.

We have 3 sources to build rom. Those:
* Main device tree
* Kernel device tree
* Vendor device tree

We have two branch.
Ten branch:
First of them "ten" branch. You can build Q (Android 10) custom rom(s) using it.

Eleven branch:
Second of them "eleven" branch. You can build Android 11 (R) custom rom(s) using it.
Android 10 patches updated for Android 11 (R)

Important Note:
To make Android 10 custom rom(s) bootable. Rom source should be patched. Actually we could patch kernel source instead of patch rom source but it doesn't make sense to us. Patching rom source is will be better :)

Auto Patch
We've already written a script to patch rom source automatically. It's executing script after ". build/" automatically. Make sure that it finished successfully. You should see that "You're ready to building". Otherwise you should to patch rom source manually.
Patch source script

Manual patch
These commits should be committed. Commits:
* First one [critical]
* Second one [optional]
* Third one [optional]

Our sources always located at DevOtag GitHub address which is verified. To more visit:
DevOtag Open Source

@NaytSeyd (me)
and whoever has commit(s) on sources and patches.

DevOtag Team:
- @hgunduz295
- @trkzmn
- @Sedenogen
- @Celexa
- @NaytSeyd